Stage Technology: Designing and supplying fully automated stage rigging systems taking into consideration the functionality, safety, usability and quality with inspiration and innovation.

Seats & Bleachers: Supplying a set of high standards of quality, stability and comfort and come up with new designs using parabolically stepped structures and curved rows.

Auditorium & Sightlines: Enabling audience experiencing all actions on the stage. A good auditorium will have good sightlines, but the quality of sightlines depends to a large extent on the nature of the programming. For drama, it is essential that the audience can see the actor’s expressions. Drama therefore requieres short sightlines. But that is less important for opera, where longer sightlines are possible.

Audio Visuals: Providing range of installations in order to run shows smoothly. Allowing people who use hearing aids enjoying the performance, and technicians will need to communicate during the performance without disturbing the audience. Actors waiting in the changing rooms also need to follow what is happening on stage and be alerted to their cues.

Lighting & Upholstery: Allocating lighting designers who creates the right focus on the performance. In a sense, they use light to tell the story of the performance, so that the audience’s eyes are directed to the essence of the show.

Security: providing a detailed range of security system design services, including video surveillance systems and electronic access control.